- Complete processing lines to extrude plastic profiles

- Single and twin-screw extruderse

- Co-extruders

- Peripheral lines to extrude:

- Cooling calibration bath
- Haul offs
- Saw movement
- Stack device
- drilling device and blanking tool in automatic line
- Perforation devices
- Device of decorative
Complete thermoforming lines for elements:

Elements of interior decoration
- caissons
- slats ceiling

Non returnable packing
- food tray
- lunch box

Architectural engineering
- underlay for laminate flooring
Modern printing machine to make print extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) Lots of plastic products like extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) are used to produce: food tray, caissons, technical packagings, underlay for laminate flooring and other

We offer:

- Engineering and modernization of assembly stands
- Economical and strenght analysis of a project
- Help with establishing and developing the concept of the device
- Help with machines modernization
- Help with selecting proper components
- Caissons

We make machine for special order according to customer specifications Our highly qualified and experienced staff always meet the challenge.
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